Top Tamil Movies Featuring Dhanush In A Lead Role

Everyone enjoys Dhanush’s acting skills and style. He is a talented Tamil actor, who has worked on numerous films throughout his career and has also given the South Indian and Bollywood film industries some of the all-time hit movies. He possesses a diverse range of talents and demonstrates all of them in an extraordinary way. Here are five of his greatest Tamil movies that are worth watching.

  • Karnan

Karnan highlights police brutality and power abuse, but it also features a wrenching drama about Dalits who are denied even the most basic necessities. Many metaphors, including one involving a donkey, give the movie beautiful power, and it’s admirable how they’re used to convey the intended message. One of the main factors that make the movie successful is Dhanush’s performance as Karnan. It’s fantastic to watch him lead the village people.

  • Maari

This is among the best action comedy Tamil movies on the list. Dhanush’s character Maari belongs to a slum in Chennai. He begins raising pigeons out of pure passion after developing a keen interest in them. As he gets older, he realizes that winning a pigeon race could make him wealthy, so he decides to devote all of his attention to it until he almost becomes addicted to it. He eventually rises to the status of a don. Up until Arjun Kumar, a police officer played by Vijay Yesudas decides to end Maari’s dream run.

  • Vaada Chennai

The film starring Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajesh depicts the seedy, shadowy underbelly of North Chennai. Vaada Chennai is about Anbu, a young man who learns to play carrom in the hopes of a bright future. He aspires to work for the government and avoid the seedier aspects of his neighborhood. Padma, the woman Anbu is in love with, is a fearless individual who swears back to people and stands on equal footing with them. Anbu soon finds himself in a predicament where he must speak up for his lover and her honor. Anbu’s relationship with violence starts right there.

  • Velaiilla Pattadhari

Velaiilla Pattadhari, one of Dhanush’s biggest hits, had all the elements necessary for a successful film. The movie featured Amala Paul as the girl next door who Dhanush’s character falls in love with, foot-tapping songs, a down-to-earth romance, the parent’s sentiments, mass moments, and the endearing boy-next-door personality of Dhanush. It’s understandable why the movie immediately won over families.

  • Maryan

Bharat Balaan is the director of the Tamil film Maryan. In this epic love story, which is based on real-life events, Dhanush plays the role of an oil company employee whose love runs into financial difficulties. Dhanush tries his hardest to help her but finds himself in trouble.

  • Naiyaandi

Dhanush, who received praise for his work in serious movies like Aadukalam, Maykkam Enna, 3, and Maryan, decided to take a break from acting and focus on this jovial rural rom-com directed by Sarkunam. Inspired by the 1993 Malayalam film Meleparambil Aanveedu, Naiyaandi is a classy comedy centered on a young man who brings home his girlfriend (Nazriya) and has her pretend to be an orphan, which prompts his two unmarried elder brothers to try to woo her.

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