Mark Hauser Explores the Acting Industry and His Ascent to the Top of the Voiceover Sector

Turn on the television or glance at your phone and you will undoubtedly be inundated with media featuring prominent voice-acting talents. The media is the way that we connect with one another, share ideas, and get our concepts across. Mark Hauser, born in Michigan and raised in a dual-citizenship Canadian household, has developed his voice into one of the most prominent ones in his corner of the world. A veteran of the silver screen and the small screen itself, Mark Hauser has starred in such projects as Winx Club, Potatoes and Dragons, and Alice in Borderland. Now gaining attention for his success, Hauser took time to sit down with the talents at Ideamensch to discuss the tips, techniques, and tricks that have made him such a success within his field. Building a Better Career You c...

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