Top Tamil Movies Featuring Dhanush In A Lead Role

Everyone enjoys Dhanush's acting skills and style. He is a talented Tamil actor, who has worked on numerous films throughout his career and has also given the South Indian and Bollywood film industries some of the all-time hit movies. He possesses a diverse range of talents and demonstrates all of them in an extraordinary way. Here are five of his greatest Tamil movies that are worth watching. Karnan Karnan highlights police brutality and power abuse, but it also features a wrenching drama about Dalits who are denied even the most basic necessities. Many metaphors, including one involving a donkey, give the movie beautiful power, and it's admirable how they're used to convey the intended message. One of the main factors that make the movie successful is Dhanush's performance as K

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Starting a Business in Dubai: A Crash Course

The world is moving quickly towards an entrepreneurial cycle. The rate of entrepreneurship today is far higher compared to the last decade. The global economy opening up after the pandemic is one of the biggest reasons for the same. At such a time, Dubai, the holy grail for marketing, technology, and business, is picking up pace. With a severe focus shift from Oil and Gas to sustainable businesses, Dubai’s market has seen hallmark trend shifts. Sectors like real estate, e-commerce, health and hospitality, beauty and jewellery are just a few of the sectors which are stable and growing. A common characteristic of these industries are that they are friendly towards low-cost businesses as well. Hence, if your dream was to be an entrepreneur, this Dubai Startup crash course is exactly what you

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