How K-Pop Became Global Fascination?

 It is called Hallyu, the Korean wave: the concept that South Korean culture has developed in prominence to came the artistic innovation and passion in the tradition of popular culture. The There is no doubt that this massive industry has played a pretty significant role in increasing the economic growth of South Korea. There are different kinds of musical propositions that instrumentally increased in the time of exiting art and culture. The popular culture has been flourished in these forms of art and culture to develop the manner of art.

In 2020  the UK has proposed more K-Pop than other country on the province, closely followed by Germany and France. Most played events include the activities of BTS with their bests performances such as the songs and albums that emergent as a glorious feature in lady Gaga’s “Soul Candy” and other consequent performances. There is other notable artists who also perform in the space of K-Pop music for this recent years. The musical genre has dynamically changed in different countries. There are different kinds of musical propositions that instrumentally increased in the time of exiting art and culture. In response of  a survey done by the Korean Tourism Organisations in 2019 approx most of respondents from Europe commented that they prefer the events of the Korean K-Pop band bangtan Boys (BTS) the most. K-Pop Albums are available on the online stores of the online websites which has gained huge popularity in this era.

There are many K-pop stores available all across the continent of Europe. The reason BTS has gained such recognition in both online as well as offline platforms is because the theme of the songs resonates with the lives of the audiences which primarily comprises of young adults and teens. The topics are focussed around the lives of teenagers and young adults and their struggles, This is something the audience has also seen and thus they identify with the theme of the music and videos. Thus, K-pop has been rising in popularity, not only in Europe but also in other continents of the world. The audiences can buy K-Pop Album from these online stores and websites which they prefer. The K-Pop albums are very popular among the teens and the international youth has now focusing on the albums of the BTS buddies. The online store facilities are very predominant in the international countries such as USA and Europe to deal with the changing tradition of art and culture. Along with the entertainment company’s ecommerce website, fans have also set up their own websites where they sell the fan-made k-pop merchandise. The revenue of these sales go to the fan and not to the Government of South Korea, the artist, or the founding entertainment industry. These fan made k-pop themed gift items and accessories are also available on the major commercial websites like Amazon, Shopify etc.

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